Tornadus Pokemon Go Guide: Master the Storm!

Tornadus is a legendary Flying-type Pokémon available in Pokémon GO. It is known for its strong attack stats and exclusive moves.

As a prominent figure from the Unova region, Tornadus offers a dynamic challenge for trainers looking to enhance their collection with a powerful and rare creature. Players can encounter Tornadus during special raid events, where teamwork and strong counters are essential for a successful capture. Boasting a distinctive, whirlwind-like appearance, Tornadus stands out among other Flying-types for its aggressive style and the ability to significantly impact battle outcomes. Dedicated trainers seek out Tornadus to utilize its high-speed moves in both Gym battles and Player versus Player (PvP) competitions. With proper strategy and a bit of luck, adding Tornadus to your roster can be a game-changing move in Pokémon GO.

Unleashing Tornadus In Pokemon Go

Get ready to catch the storm as Tornadus storms into Pokemon Go. This legendary Pokemon brings fierce winds and thrilling challenges. Discover how to battle and capture this force of nature!

Tornadus: The Cyclone Pokemon

Tornadus stands out in the world of Pokemon. It resembles a fierce green bird with a tornado for a lower body. Known as the ‘Cyclone Pokemon’, it lives up to its name. Tornadus has the power to whip up giant storms in no time.
  • Category: Legendary Pokemon
  • Type: Flying
  • The first pure Flying-type Pokemon

Tornadus’ Arrival In The Pokemon Go Arena

Tornadus makes its grand entrance in Pokemon Go as a challenging raid boss. Trainers across the globe anticipate its arrival with excitement. Its presence guarantees engaging battles and the chance to add a legendary force to your team.
Date of Arrival Raid Level CP Range Best Counters
March 2023 5-Star 37,599 Rock, Electric, and Ice types
  1. Check for raid timings in your local area.
  2. Gather friends for a Raid Battle.
  3. Stock up on PokeBalls and Revives.
  4. Prepare your strongest counters.
  5. Battle Tornadus in Raids and capture it!
Don’t miss the chance to catch Tornadus! Stay alert, track weather conditions, and be ready for battle. With skill and a bit of luck, you’ll become the master of this legendary whirlwind pokemon.
Tornadus Pokemon Go Guide: Master the Storm!

Harnessing The Winds: Best Practices

Harnessing the Winds: Best Practices is about mastering Tornadus in Pokémon GO. Tornadus, the Cyclone Pokémon, poses a windy challenge. To capture its true potential, trainers must learn optimal strategies and environmental influences.

Optimal Movesets For Tornadus

Effective battle performance with Tornadus hinges on move choice. The moveset determines success in Raids and Battles. Here’s a list of top moves:
  • Fast Attack: Astonish
  • Charged Attack: Hurricane for maximum damage.
Alternately, consider these moves:
  • Bite for faster energy gain.
  • Grass Knot against water and ground-types.
Move Type Power
Astonish Ghost 8
Hurricane Flying 110
Bite Dark 6
Grass Knot Grass 90

Weather Conditions And Their Impact

Tornadus thrives in certain weather conditions. Weather boosts increase Pokémon stats and effectiveness. Below are benefits from specific weather:
  • Windy Weather: boosts Flying-type moves for Tornadus.
  • Rainy Weather: makes Grass Knot more formidable.
This knowledge shapes Raid and battle tactics. Prioritize Tornadus Raids during advantageous weather. This tactic maximizes its power and chances for success.

The Thrill Of The Raid: Battling Tornadus

Legendary Pokémon stir excitement among Trainers around the globe, and battling Tornadus in Pokémon GO is no exception. The thrill of the raid intensifies as this Pokémon brings the storm to your mobile screens. With the right preparation and strategy, aspiring Trainers can add this formidable foe to their roster.

Preparing For Tornadus Raids

Gathering a team is the first step to raid success. Communication tools like Discord can help you find local players.
  • Check Tornadus’s current moveset.
  • Stock up on Revives and Potions.
  • Charge your battery – raids can drain it quickly.
Type of Item Quantity
Max Revives 10+
Max Potions 10+
The right team composition can make all the difference.
  • Electric types are essential.
  • Rock and Ice types can give an edge.

Effective Strategies Against The Storm

Understanding Tornadus’s weaknesses will guide you to victory.
  1. Electric-type moves deal extra damage.
  2. Ice and Rock moves are also favorable.
Positioning and timing your dodges effectively can turn the tide of battle. Choosing Pokémon with the highest CP and best movesets maximizes your damage output. Attacking in groups and teaming up increases chances of a successful raid.
Pokémon Type Recommended Move
Zapdos Electric/Flying Thunder Shock/Thunderbolt
Mamoswine Ice/Ground Powder Snow/Avalanche

Tornadus’ Role In Competitive Play

Tornadus’ Role in Competitive Play stands out in “Pokemon Go” for its unique attributes and abilities. Known as the Cyclone Pokémon, Tornadus brings a whirlwind of strategy to the battlefield. Understanding its role is crucial for trainers aiming for glory.

Pvp Considerations

In Player versus Player (PvP) combat, Tornadus asserts dominance with its high attack stat. Its flying-type moves capitalize on speed and inflict serious damage. Yet, trainers must note its vulnerability to popular electric, ice, and rock-type moves.
  • Fast Moves: Air Slash
  • Charged Moves: Hurricane, Grass Knot, Dark Pulse
For best performance, trainers should use Tornadus in specific leagues. Its moveset variance affects its ranking within each tier.
League Ranking Preferred Moveset
Great League Suboptimal Air Slash + Grass Knot
Ultra League Competitive Air Slash + Hurricane
Master League Top Choice Air Slash + Hurricane/Dark Pulse

Team Synergy And Counter Picks

Building a team around Tornadus means considering synergy and potential counters. Pairing Tornadus with Pokémon that mitigate its weaknesses ensures a well-rounded team. Effective teammates include:
  1. Electric types for water-type coverage
  2. Steel types to handle ice and rock-type moves
  3. Fairy types against dragon and dark-types
To protect Tornadus, trainers must prepare for common counters:
  • Zapdos: Excels with electric-type moves
  • Regirock: Tanks with rock-type offense
  • Lapras: Combines ice-type moves with durability
Understanding the dynamic interplay of Pokémon strengths and weaknesses can lead to strategic advantages using Tornadus.

Catching And Evolving Your Tornadus

Catching and evolving Tornadus in Pokémon GO is an exciting challenge. This Legendary Pokémon brings power and prestige to any Trainer’s team. Master the art of capturing this elusive force of nature and understand its place in the Pokémon world.

Catching Techniques For Higher Success

Improving your catch rate requires skill and know-how. Follow these techniques:
  • Use Razz Berries: Feed Tornadus a Razz Berry to make it easier to catch.
  • Curveball Throws: Curveballs increase success rates and grant extra XP.
  • Golden Razz Berries: For an even higher catch chance, opt for these special berries.
  • Wait for Attack Animations: Throw your Pokéball post-attack for a better shot at success.
  • Ultra Balls: Utilize the most potent Pokéballs in your inventory—Ultra Balls.

Understanding Tornadus’ Evolutionary Line

Tornadus stands out as it does not evolve from or into any other Pokémon. As part of the Forces of Nature, it has two Forms:
Form Description
Incarnate Forme Its original form, known for high mobility in battle.
Therian Forme A different appearance with changed stats for strategic advantages.
To switch between forms, Trainers need the Reveal Glass. This special item unlocks the potential of Tornadus’ alternate forme.
Tornadus Pokemon Go Guide: Master the Storm!

Maximizing Tornadus’ Potential

To truly harness the stormy prowess of Tornadus in Pokémon GO, trainers need to optimize its power. This legendary force of nature can dominate battles with the right strategy. Below are essential tips to power up Tornadus and make the most of Stardust investments alongside unlocking and deploying its charged moves efficiently.

Power Up Tips

  • Focus on Tornadus with high IVs to ensure your Stardust investment yields the best returns.
  • Capture Tornadus during Windy weather for a weather boost, which increases your chances of a stronger catch.
  • Utilize Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces when powering up during double XP or Stardust events to maximize gains.

Stardust Investment

Stardust is a valuable resource. Conserve it wisely. Consider these points:
Powering Up Level Range Stardust Cost Candies Required
1-10 200-3,000 1-15
11-20 3,000-6,000 15-30
21-30 6,000-10,000 30-45
31-40 10,000-15,000 45-60
Save enough Stardust to boost Tornadus to at least level 30 for competitive use.

Unlocking And Using Tornadus’ Charged Moves

Charged moves turn the tides in battle. For Tornadus:
  1. Save up Candies and Stardust to unlock a second charged move.
  2. Choose moves strategically based on the battle context. Go for Grass Knot or Hurricane in PVE. For PVP, the fast-charging move Dark Pulse can be a game-changer.
  3. Practice timing to use charged moves when your opponent’s shields are down.
Tornadus Pokemon Go Guide: Master the Storm!


Tornadus dashes away as swiftly as it arrived, a true testament to its evasive nature in Pokémon GO. With the right strategies, though, trainers can harness this whirlwind force. Remember to prep with rock and electric types, timing those raids for a shot at glory. Happy hunting, and may your Pokédex entries soar as high as Tornadus in the skies!

Frequently Asked Questions On Tornadus Pokemon Go

Where Can I Find Tornadus In Pokemon Go?

You can find Tornadus in Pokémon GO during special raid events or in Legendary Raids. Keep an eye on in-game announcements for its availability.

What Are The Different Forms Of Tornadus In Pokemon Go?

Tornadus has two forms in Pokemon GO: Incarnate Forme and Therian Forme. Each form boasts distinct appearances and stats.

How Do You Evolve Tornadus In Pokemon Go?

Tornadus cannot evolve in Pokemon GO; it’s a legendary Pokemon without any further evolutionary forms. Catch Tornadus during its specific raid events or as featured in special research tasks.

What Is The Catch Rate For Tornadus In Pokemon Go?

The base catch rate for Tornadus in Pokémon GO is approximately 2%. Success can increase with Golden Razz Berries, excellent curveball throws, and high-level Trainer badges.


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