Your Guide to the Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuits

Tepezza is the only medication that has been approved by the FDA for thyroid eye disease (TED). It has shown tremendous results in mitigating symptoms like eye pain, double vision, redness, and swelling of the eye. According to Forbes, infusions of the prescription drug have been administered to more than 15,000 patients of TED. 

However, an increasing number of patients who took this treatment are suing Horizon Therapeutics, the manufacturer of this wonder drug. They allege that the drug also inflicted serious damage to their hearing. 

This guide provides you with the information you might need to seek legal compensation for your Tepezza-inflicted hearing issues. It also aims to outline the latest developments in the legal cases.

Is Tepezza a Case of Defective Prescription?

Many times a prescribed drug may cause serious side effects that outweigh its positive impact. Such drugs are called defective prescriptions. More often than not, the patient has no clue about the lurking risks with the drug. The consequences come as a shock that can further worsen their health. 

Long-term Tepezza use has been connected to diseases such as tinnitus, or a constant ringing sensation in the ears.

The initial efficacy report submitted to the Food and Drug Administration suggested that only about 10% of users may suffer from serious side effects. However, a small study was conducted on Tepezza users by the Stanford University School of Medicine in 2021. According to the findings, 65% of the subjects complained of hearing discomfort, a stark difference from what the FDA knew.

Currently, the likelihood of Tepezza patients experiencing these adverse effects seems higher than what Horizon Therapeutics originally estimated.  If you have had hearing problems and can trace them to Tepezza, you may be eligible to file a Tepezza lawsuit

Understanding Product Liability Laws

Product liability law is the body of legislation that governs claims about Tepezza issues. Such liability regulations exempt plaintiffs from having to show the defendant was negligent.

Litigants have the right to sue the pharmaceutical company as well as retailers and other parties who helped them obtain the medicine. The manufacturer of the medication, Horizon Therapeutics, is currently cited as a defendant in the Tepezza cases.

You are eligible for compensation if you can demonstrate that the product caused harm when used as intended. Moreover, proving that you did not get sufficient warnings about its hazards also solidifies your case.

The Tepezza Legal Landscape

Given the significant number of individuals suffering from Tepezza side effects, it is logical to centralize these grievances.

There are two ways to do this. One way is to pursue a class action, where multiple plaintiffs’ cases are consolidated into a single comprehensive case. 

Multiple cases can also be consolidated in multidistrict litigation (MDL). Here, numerous independent cases are transferred to a single judge for streamlined management. Following the consolidation of cases, pretrial proceedings are coordinated. The judge has the authority to make decisions that pertain to all cases. 

The Tepezza plaintiffs have consolidated their claims into a multi-district litigation. According to TorHoerman Law, in June 2023, a U.S. court centralized all ongoing Tepezza lawsuits in Illinois. This consolidation aims to streamline the legal process for those claiming hearing problems after using the medication.

Given the recent introduction of the MDL in Tepezza cases, there have been limited pre-trial actions thus far. According to Drugwatch, there are currently 101 lawsuits related to Tepezza awaiting resolution in the Tepezza MDL.

Considering a Tepezza Lawsuit? 

If you were prescribed Tepezza to treat Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) and experienced serious side effects, you might be wondering if you have a case. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

Were your side effects significant? Not all side effects are grounds for a lawsuit. Focus on serious problems that have impacted your daily life.

Did Tepezza cause your problems? This is crucial. It’s important to demonstrate that Tepezza is responsible for your hearing issues.

Did you take Tepezza as prescribed? This strengthens your case.

What evidence do you have? Medical records documenting your Tepezza use and side effects are really important.

Remember, if you’re considering legal action, consulting with an attorney specializing in product liability is the best course of action. They can evaluate your unique circumstances and guide your available legal options.

Tepezza’s journey highlights a critical tension in modern medicine. While new drugs offer hope for patients, the full range of side effects can take time to emerge.  This case underscores the importance of robust pre-market testing and long-term monitoring of medications.  

For Tepezza patients experiencing hearing problems, the legal process offers a path to seek compensation. Gather relevant evidence and keep a diligent track of your health condition. No piece of evidence is inconsequential. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can navigate the complex legal maze of Tepezza lawsuits. 


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